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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Ziggy Erhabor who was born in the United Kingdom on October 28, 1966 and passed away on November 27, 2007 . We will remember her forever....

Ziggy's Love

Ziggy's love for us all was patient and kind;It was not jealous or conceited or proud; her love for us all was not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; 

Her love for us all did not keep a record of wrongs.Her love for us all was not happy with evil, but was happy with the truth.

Her love for us all never gave up and her faith hope and patience never failed.

Ziggy's love for us all is eternal and will never be in vain!

May your soul rest in perfect peace!!!!



Tributes and Condolences
Hey!!  / Eunice Oghinan (Friend)
Helen you seemed to always be there some how the same laughing and having a joke about something or the other.  Guess you are still doing that.  People like you don't just die.  You still live in our hearts.  Miss you girl
'My Sister'   / Hiedi Bohay (Friend)
  Hey ma Sista xx I am missing you so very much, you are always in my heart, always in my mind. Time has flown by so quickly a year is coming up since you passed over.. I cannot not express just how much i and Chez and Rhys miss you x... Jay to...  Continue >>
TO A WONDERFUL FRIEND   / Lawrence Akhidenor (Friend)
To my old buddy Ziggy, we had some good laughs when we were growing sincere condolences to the Erahbor family. May her soul rest in peace, AMEN
See you again Our Father's kingdom   / Anne-Marie (Ejiro) Osadjere-Okagbare (friend)
Hey Ziggs,the weather is getting nicer, and I wish you wre still here to hold one of you fabulous barbeques, sigh. Still,when I join you... Thanks for the times you took me out to cheer meup; for the times when you were just there to listen, not judg...  Continue >>
Always and Forever   / Eschoffomie Couprie (Friend)
Hey Ziggy (One and Only) Missing you so much girl. The good never stay too long, they like you bless and grace us with their radiance, beauty, kindness and love. When I'm still, I hear your voice, and your laughter rings out....... Rest in ever la...  Continue >>
Miss you!  / Stella Da Silva (friend)    Read >>
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